Madun Gujadhur QC

Madun Gujadhur QC was called to the English, Indian and Mauritian Bar and was made Queen's Counsel in 1976. During his successful career, Madun Gujadhur QC acted as counsel on a number of leading and landmark cases.

He also contributed significantly on constitutional law issues in Mauritius and abroad.

In particular, Madun Gujadhur QC was the Chairman of the Law Reform Commission in Mauritius and he was also commissioned by the Republic Advisory Committee of Australia, a committee established by the Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating in May 1993 to examine the constitutional and legal issues that would arise were Australia to become a republic, to share the Mauritian experience in moving from monarchical to republican headships of state. Madun Gujadhur QC was also the Chairman of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation.

Madun Gujadhur QC also had a successful career at the Indian Bar. In 1976, he acted as counsel to Mrs. Indira Gandhi, former prime minister of India, when lawsuits were brought against Mrs. Gandhi in connection with the state of emergency in India between 1975 and 1977. Madun Gujadhur QC was also the High Commissioner of Mauritius in India in 1982.